BA Concept Seminar 21 || 11.01.21

On-demand rental Service

Paméla Schmidinger
3 min readJan 11, 2021

During this 2-week seminar, we will develop a conceptual and practical exploration for our final BA thesis and present the experience we aim to create with our project.

Paméla Schmidinger & Tamara Trabucco

Day 1. 11/01/21

Exercise 1: 20 ways of description
Write down and/or sketch out twenty ways to define your topics on post its and later sort them into categories we found fitting. Define two or three most important statements.

We have solved this task separately


Category 1: Service and User Needs
1. Change the borrowing process to make it more popular
2. What is the best way to rent tools?
3.Rethinking the Bosch tool lending service
4. Find out what customers really want in a lending service
5. We want to better tailor the lending process to our customers’ needs
6. In what way must the tool reach the user to be the best possible service?
7. Research which ways are there to bring the tools to the user
8. Rent tools in a city
9. A 24h boxing stations to rent out tools
10. A tool rental station available 24 hours a day in the city
11. A Rental service for inexperienced
12. A Rental service accessible to all

Category 2: Business Placement
13. A design a service platform for a B2B service
14. A tool rental platform for professional customers
15 Combine locations and new business partners to make it as easy as possible for the user
16. Form a B2B tool rental service for Bosch
17. How to make the Bosch lending service more market competitive?
18. The benefit for partners from this system and service
19. With which partners can this service be sold the most?
20. The structure of the service to be attractive for partners

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Category Service aspects
1. A complete service offering tools alongside accessories (nails, screws).
2. A service that empowers users to challenge their own perception of their abilities with tools, encouraging making
3. A tool that questions ownership as a step towards changing the social perspective.
4. A service that encourages collaborative making.
5. Defining the core features of the target audience
6. A service that seeks to guide people and support them whilst allowing more proficient users to thrive equally.
7. A service that stands out from the competition through excellent design and a fantastic experience.
8. A service that respects the needs of their different users
9. A service that is inclusive people of different ages and skill levels.

Category Location / Placement
10. A hotspot for makers to meet.
11. Take-away style — pass by and grab what you need on the way home
12. Flexible and convenient rental service
13. A service, so present it tickles peoples’ curiosity to try
14. A 24-hour renting service

Category Design / UX
15. A service supporting novices and offering guidance to those who need it.
16. Supporting those who know what they want so they find it quickly.
17. Easy navigation, for digital natives as well as for non-digital natives.

Category Businesses
18. A service empowering smaller companies to offer their products to customers
19. A service helping businesses to easily and intuitively putting their own products on the platform
20. A flexible service that has the potential to grow together with the business.

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