BA Concept Seminar 21 || 13.01.21

During this 2-week seminar, we will develop a conceptual and practical exploration for our final BA thesis and present the experience we aim to create with our project.

Paméla Schmidinger & Tamara Trabucco

Day 5 15.02.21

Exercise 4: 10 ways of manifestation

Select 10 ways of executing your ideas and exhibiting them.

As our idea is already rather concrete we focused more on how we’d imagine exhibiting our service.

Our initial couple ideas were thus a bit more formal and stiff. As we tried to come up with more, we tried to think a bit more outside the (rental) box.
The feedback we received from our peers and lecturer also point more towards a more interactive/playful direction, where the renting itself can be part of a task/challenge to build something or collaboratively build together

We still have a lot more exploring to do in this area and try to loosen up but we’d be very interested in following a more playful approach and have the audience interact in the exhibition.

As a next step, we’d want to think about which feelings/emotions/thought we want to evoke in the users during and after the exhibition and how this can be achieved.




Interaction Design student at ZHdK.

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Paméla Schmidinger

Paméla Schmidinger

Interaction Design student at ZHdK.

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