BA Concept Seminar 21 || 13.01.21

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Paméla Schmidinger
2 min readJan 13, 2021

During this 2-week seminar, we will develop a conceptual and practical exploration for our final BA thesis and present the experience we aim to create with our project.

Paméla Schmidinger & Tamara Trabucco

Day 3 13.01.21:

Exercise 3: Design Area

Identify the two or three most important dimensions of your topic area. This will be your design area. Sketch quickly 50 ideas to populate your design area. Place them on your design area in relation to criteria and parameters (sketches, photos or collages).

For this exercise, we picked 3 of our values in order to define a design area. At the beginning we found it hard to sketch concrete ideas, we found ourselves just sketching things we wanted to achieve through this project but not HOW we would do that. After a while, we tried to shift our thoughts more towards the big picture and how to get there.