BA Concept Seminar 21 || Week 2

On-demand rental Service

Paméla Schmidinger
3 min readJan 22, 2021

During this 2-week seminar, we will develop a conceptual and practical exploration for our final BA thesis and present the experience we aim to create with our project.

Paméla Schmidinger & Tamara Trabucco

19. — 21.02.21

Storyboard + Moodboard

Using the storyboard as a method, helped us come up with the most important aspects of our project. Through storytelling, we needed to boil down the concept to its essence and see whether or not it would be clear for outsiders, sort of our concept in a nutshell.

In our storyboard, we first wanted to address the need for our service. The next frame shows how our service is the solution, how important it is to share resources and how many different people could achieve their tasks. It also shows how easy it is to get high-quality tools via smartphone.


In our mock-up, we put ourselves in the situation of the final exhibition at ZHdK. We thought of holding a collaborative workshop during the exhibition, where several people have to solve small tasks together with tools. To point out the notion of sharing, working together and learning to form each other. To get a feeling for it, we cut out tools and supplies from paper to act out such a scene. We liked the playful and collaborative aspect, that you have to speak to others to build something but we were not quite satisfied with the rest of it yet. We want to achieve a more lasting impression so that the visitor can take something from our exhibition and it remains in the memory.