How Far…?

Interaction Design Theory Seminar 20 || Session 10

Paméla Schmidinger
1 min readNov 23, 2020

What is my dream? The idea of just dreaming seems rather counterintuitive for me. I’ve been past the stage of dreaming what I want to become once I’m grown up. My education, career and my future are things I don’t want to leave up to chance. I’ve got plans, schedules and goals which have set paths. I know what I like and I know what I don’t. Same for my BA.

I want my BA project to be something I can grow and learn as a designer. Learning how to use and improve my skills in a more real-life context than in the bubble of ZHdK projects, hence the collaboration with Bosch. Through this, I want to take my portfolio to the next level, finding a cool job with cool people. Is this dreaming?

Class 23.11.20

We were sharing our dreams first in the big group and then in smaller groups. I found it rather hard sharing since I felt a bit judged for not having a grand and more fantastical dream. But it’s honest. Then again, everyone in a way judges everyone constantly and knows nothing about where others stand in life and where they struggle.