Own It!

Interaction Design Theory Seminar 20 || Session 11

Paméla Schmidinger
1 min readNov 30, 2020

What does it mean“to own something”?

  • Take responsibility for your actions / decisions / projects
  • Stand up for your beliefs
  • Make a statement
  • Be proud

What could be the worst that could happen, in relation to your thesis?

The most terrible thing that could happen is that I would get into a massive fight with my friend with whom I’d do my thesis, to a point where nothing inspiring or productive would happen. Where resentment would overshadow all our efforts. Moreover, if our collaboration would be cancelled by our partner, that would be very scary too. Then obviously if my computer would be corrupted and all my work would be lost.

What if my thesis would have no impact?

I think it wouldn’t crush me if our project wouldn’t be implemented, but of course, I’d be quite upset about it. Also if it wouldn’t help the users in accomplishing their tasks or bring up more questions than answers.

Good / Bad BA papers

  • good; going to the place + talk to locals — bad if you pick something that is already abundant
  • good; something that has a legacy, using technology to the usage sake — bad; bad communication of project or the aim of it

One project that stuck out positively for me was Jennifer’s. She used a plethora of methods, exploring a new way of interaction (tongue). The one I didn’t quite understand was Adri’s project, since the intention or the aim of the project couldn’t be communicated as well.