Interaction Design Theory Seminar 20 || Session 12

Paméla Schmidinger
2 min readDec 8, 2020

In this final class, we were asked to reflect and discuss our views and how they’ve changed over the weeks.

Questions covered:

  • How does one manage motivation throughout the process of the project?

In my opinion, it surely helps to work in teams. To occasionally vent and trying to somewhat plan certain milestones. The latter is more to not feel completely lost in the process.

  • When working in a collaborative scenario, how can the group assign leadership for project management without forming a hierarchical atmosphere?

I think rather than thinking in hierarchies it would be better to think in roles, like in sociocracy. Meetings and discussing all things related to teams is strenuous but important to do from the very start. The task or goal is somewhat known and now the only thing missing is identifying and assigning the roles in order to achieve the goal. However, these roles shouldn’t be static but remain fluid.


It’s pretty awesome to have a full course dedicated to our BA ideation. It’s a context where you are forced to ponder about it constructively. However, I think it would have been nice to go through clusters of what possibilities there, sort of board directions (more specific than Art Installation or UX/UI)or to also start thinking about the future, beyond ZHdK. Looking at our past works, maybe discussing aspects of it with our peers, learning to talk about our projects objectively and with a bit of distance. Also, I don’t know if this is covered next semester, but how is the written part structured, analyzing what makes them good or bad.

Nevertheless, I must say that I appreciated the more casual setup, feeling of this class, being allowed to dream.